X International Leibniz Congress

“– ad felicitatem nostram alienamve”

 “– for our happiness or the happiness of others” 

July 18-23, 2016, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover, Germany

Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover

Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil


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We ask every registered participant to pay the registration fee of 60,00 by bank transfer:

IBAN: DE49250601800000070946


The upcoming X International Leibniz Congress will take place in 2016 – a year of several Leibniz-related anniversaries. In addition to the celebration of Leibniz‘s 370th birthday, and the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of his demise, the Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesellschaft will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation in Hanover. Furthermore, 2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Leibniz University Hanover, which has carried the name of the polymath since 2006. More events surrounding these anniversaries in the city of Hanover are being planned.

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Leibniz’s death, the plans and activities from the last years of his life will be of special interest. Therefore it is natural to focus on the aftermath and timeliness of his ideas during the congress with the motto “– ad felicitatem nostram alienamve”, emphasising Leibniz’s promotion of the “commune bonum” (common good).

Since the last congress in 2011, much previously unreleased material from Leibniz‘s literary estate has been made available to the research community, and naturally the edition will continue until 2016 and beyond, giving reason to expect that these texts will be central to many contributions to the congress.

From a philosophical perspective, Leibniz’s concept of reason, which includes pragmatic aspects, will be of utmost interest, since the work towards practical goals cannot wait for a complete conceptual analysis. The division of reason into scientific reason and ethics is a problem of the modern age, which Leibniz tried to solve by the recovery of unity. Besides this main focus, the congress will be open for contributions concentrating on different areas of research on Leibniz.

The organisers would like to invite all interested scholars, experts and friends to take part in the congress!

The X International Leibniz Congress is sponsored by the DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, the VGH Insurance Company and the Volkswagen Foundation.

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